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A Yeoman generator to create small, reusable React components using webpack and Babel as the build tool.

It bundles the component code into a single UMD JavaScript file (having support for AMD, CommonJS and globals). Initially it contains just React as an external dependency of your component.

Although you might use this generator to create a big applications, its focus it to create small components.


  • ES6 and ES7 syntax support through Babel;
  • No Grunt;
  • No Gupl;
  • EditorConfig already setup;
  • Uses npm as the task runner (ex: npm run build);
  • Development server with live-reload npm run dev;
  • Testing and linting support through Karma (with source-maps) and ESLint;
  • Continuous test execution on file changes npm run watch-test.
  • Be listed on and (react-component keyword).

Getting Started

To install generator-react-webpack-component from npm, run:

npm install -g generator-react-webpack-component

Then create a folder that will hold the component code, such as:

mkdir banana-react-component

Finally, enter in the component folder and initiate the generator:

cd banana-react-component
yo react-webpack-component

Getting To Know Yeoman

If you'd like to get to know Yeoman better, check out the complete Getting Started Guide.


I've finally figured out how to make source-maps work thanks to Testing ReactJS Components with Karma and Webpack by Justin Woo.