A Yeoman generator to create custom TFS or VSTS build or release tasks

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TFS Task Generator

Yeoman generator to scaffold out a custom build or release task for TFS 2015 or Visual Studio Team Services.


To use this generator you need to have Node.js and Yeoman installed.

Download and install Node.js from the Node.js website.

Once you have Node.js installed, you can install Yeoman using the following:

npm install -g yo

To install this generator, run the following:

npm install -g generator-tfstask

Scaffolding a new task

When you are ready to create a new task, create the root directory for your project and navigate to it in a terminal.

This generator can scaffold a new PowerShell based, or a Node.js based, task. To scaffold a PowerShell based task, use:

yo tfstask

And for Node.js based tasks simply add the --node or -n flag:

yo tasktask --node

Follow the prompts to provide the specifics about your task. When the generator is finished it will have created the following in the project root:

+-- TaskName
|   +-- icon.png
|   +-- task.json
|   +-- TaskName.ps1

Adding a group

You can use the group subgenerator to create a new group and add it to the groups array in your task.json. Run the following from your project root:

yo tfstask:group

Adding an input

You can use the input subgenerator to create a new input and add it to the input array in your task.json. Run the following from your project rot:

yo tfstask:input