Helps to setup the project structure for developing extensions to the Theia IDE

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A yeoman generator that scaffolds a project structure for developing Eclipse Theia extensions.

How to use

To use it, install yo and the generator.

npm install -g yo generator-theia-extension

To create a sample project with a Theia extension including a browser and electron app, run:

mkdir my-extension && cd my-extension
yo theia-extension

For configuration options, see:

yo theia-extension --help

Extension Options

Template Option Description Documentation
hello-world Creates a simple extension which provides a command and menu item which displays a message readme
widget Creates the basis for a simple widget including a toggle command, alert message and button displaying a message. The template also contains an example unit test. readme
labelprovider Creates a simple extension which adds a custom label (with icon) for .my files readme
tree-editor Creates a tree editor extension readme
empty Creates a simple, minimal extension readme
backend Creates a backend communication extension readme


Follow this instruction to login to the npm registry with a user account.

If you don't have an account contact Theia organization to request one.

Publish with np.

npx np



"Theia" is a trademark of the Eclipse Foundation