Yeoman generator for AngularJS scaffold which written in TypeScript.

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NPM version

Yeoman generator for TypeScript based AngularJS project skeleton.

webpack was chosen as default bundle tool, and npm scripts is used for providing easy use/less dependency building tools

You can view the online demo at:


  1. Install yeoman: npm install -g yo
  2. Install this: npm install -g generator-ts-angular

prepend with sudo if you are running on *nix OS.

Use generator-ts-angular

yo ts-angular

Answer questions as following demonstrated

And then, the TypeScript based project generated.

Quick start

Debug your app

The full featured dev/dist tools are provided, it's easy to start debugging your app.

Just move into the created directory with the given project name.

Run npm start to start a debug web server for the project.

Open http://localhost:8080/ to see the playable skeleton, and have fun.

Release your app

Move the root of the created project.

Run npm run dist to compile all the source code into webpack bundles. And all required resources are generated into {root}/dist/.

You can copy the dist folder to anywhere you like, it's the released app.

Like have a try with the released app?

Install sero-cli: npm install -g sero-cli

Move into {root}/dist/

Run sero server -p 8080 -h, a static web server launched at port 8080.

Open http://localhost:8080 to watch the released version.

I would strongly suggest that you use vscode as your working IDE. That's really fantastic experience.


Live error analysis


More read

Looking for detail? Check it here


MIT License