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Usage no npm install needed!

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npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-tsmod


  • Generate project scaffold. Also executes npm init if no package.json found.
yo tsmod
  • Generate project scaffold with additional options.
yo tsmod --vuepress --typedoc --license MIT --no-coverage --no-import-helpers --no-typedoc --no-not-sync
  • Remove generated but unmodified files safely. --no-install prevents running npm install command.
yo tsmod:uninstall --no-install --force
  • Update already generated project using auto created yo:update script from package.json.
npm run yo:update

Features Overview

This is a yeoman generator which is used to create TypeScript project. It features:



  • Add NPM_TOKEN via GitHub > Settings > Secrets. (GitHub Actions workflow use it in Semantic Release step to publish your package to npm)

Scripts from package.json

For Projects

Script Description
release See below Update README, add changed files to git and push. Github Actions releases your code.
yo:update Uninstall and re-generate project safely.
execute Run given source file.
watch Run given source file and watch for changes to re-run.
lint Lint and format source code.
format Format all supported files (source code, css, graphql etc.).
test Test project. Use -- --no-coverage --watch for watching.
readme Update file using readmeasy.
build Build project using TypeScript. -- --watch for watching.
docs:build Build VuePress for production. Can be used by netlify for building.
docs:dev Starts VuePress development web site. (TypeDoc should be updated manually during development.)
typedoc:html Generate TypeDoc HTML documentation web site into api-docs-html directory.
typedoc:md Generate VuePress compatible Markdown from TypeDoc comments into api-docs-md directory. (Renames all files (i.e. for Index class) as, because VuePress throws error for files)
typedoc:single-md Generates Markdown files from TypeDoc and concatenates them into file.

For Internal Use

Script Description
update-packages Update dependencies in all package.json files in templates.
postinstall Install husky.


Script Command Description
postreadme oclif-dev readme Inserts oclif documenatition into after is generated by readmeasy.



yo tsmod:uninstall --force --no-install

Above command removes non-user modifiable files and other files not modified by user from project. Also removes added configurations if they are not modified by user. To track modifications, this module uses Yeoman config file .yo-rc.json. --no-install prevents npm install usually not mandatory after dependencies are removed, to speed up uninstall.

Semantic Release

Fully automated version management and package publishing. semantic-release automates the whole package release workflow including: determining the next version number, generating the release notes and publishing the package. This removes the immediate connection between human emotions and version numbers, strictly following the Semantic Versioning specification.

Used in .github/workflows/main.yml release step.


Packages: commitizen, cz-conventional-changelog

When you commit with Commitizen, you'll be prompted to fill out any required commit fields at commit time.

Commit Lint & Standard Version

Packages: @commitlint/cli & @commitlint/config-conventional, standard-version,

commitlint checks if your commit messages meet the conventional commit format.

Standard Version: Automate versioning and CHANGELOG generation, with and

Commitlint: Checks if your commit messages meet the conventional commit format.

First Release

standard-version --first-release will tag a release without bumping the version

standard-version will tag a release and bump the version


Packages: husky

Git hooks made easy. Husky can prevent bad git commit, git push and more. It is used here to execute

  • lint-staged at precommit,
  • commitlint at commit-msg,
  • commitizen at prepare-commit-msg (currently disabled, see this issue)

Lint Staged

Packages: lint-staged

Run linters against staged git files, so non-changed files are excluded from linters.

File Type What
js, ts Lint, test, coverage
json, md, css etc. Format
rc, json Lint



TypeDoc TypeDoc converts comments in TypeScript source code into rendered HTML documentation. Also it is possible to create multiple Markdown files using typedoc-plugin-markdown plugin. Using concat-md it is possible to create single Markdown file.


VuePress is used to create documentation web sites. vuepress-bar is used to generate VuePress menu. Also TypeDoc HTML and typedoc-plugin-markdown generated API docs is included in VuePress site.

Netlify may be used to publish documentation.

Additional Notes

.npmignore (or lack of)

.npmignore is not used, because this file overrides .gitignore and may results unpredictable behavior. Instead of using a blacklist for node modules, it is safer to write whitelisted files to be published in files key in package.json.