Yeoman generator for TypeScript packages

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tspkg is a Yeoman generator for TypeScript packages targeted at developer productivity and best practices.


tspkg includes the following:

  • TypeScript configuration
  • TSLint support
  • Prettier support
  • Jest support
  • TypeDoc website for your project
  • Pre-commit and pre-push Git hooks for better CI
  • Support for loading environment variables from a .env file during development
  • Publishing support for regular packages and CLI tools, with tspkg you can choose to:
    • Publish your package as a library, or
    • Publish your package as an executable

Quick start

To install with Yarn, run:

yarn install

To install with NPM, run:

npm install

Create an empty directory for your project, cd into the newly created directory and run:

yo tspkg

Now tspkg will ask you a series of questions that tell tspkg how to set-up your TypeScript package.