Yeoman generator for Express with KrakenJS, Mongoose or Sequelize, Customize Response Appender, CORS, Angular or ReactJS

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Generator VARNode

Yeoman generator for:

  • Express with KrakenJS
  • Mongoose or Sequelize
  • Customize Response Appender (Optional)
  • (Optional)
  • CORS (Optional)
  • Bare-bones ReactJS with Webpack and Babel

Coming Soon

  • Vue.js


As this is a yeoman generator, make sure you have yeoman installed:

npm install -g yo

To install the generator:

npm install -g generator-varnode


cd /path/to/app/directory; yo varnode

Files & App Structure

+-- app/
    |   +-- config/
        |   +-- config.json
        |   +-- development.json
        |   +-- production.json
    |   +-- controllers/
    |   +-- lib/
    |   +-- middlewares/
    |   +-- models/
    |   +-- seeders/
    |   +-- global-keys.js
    |   +-- server.js
    |   +-- index.js
+-- .gitignore
+-- .env
+-- .eslintrc
+-- .npmignore
+-- .editorconfig
+-- package.json

This generator is somewhat opinionated. You might be interested in knowing the following things about the way it sets the app.


  • It loads all the models on the variable global.db.
  • While loading models, it converts snake cased file names found under app/models into camel case model name. For example, a file named user_chats will be available as global.db.UserChats.
  • It allow you to excess all constants define in config.json, e.g, you can see in config.json file there are multiple keys like enums and errors under app key, so it will place all enums and errors on global like this global.appEnums and global.appErrors.
  • It also configure the Enviroment Variables by using .env file.


The original author of Generator VARNode is Sajjad Ali