Yo generator to create scaffolding for React applications

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This is still a work in progress and changing often

Version 0.3.0

  • CSS-Modules
  • Changed to Chrome extension
  • Restructure
  • Numerous other changes


This is a generator to create scaffolding for a React application. Created with the idea that you would develop using an express server, but the final app would be a bundle.js that you would link to from SharePoint or another hosted solution.


  • React with Redux.
  • Webpack hot/dev middlewares.
  • Unit testing with Tape.
  • Code coverage with isparta/istanbul.
  • Linting with airbnb style guide, and corresponding eslint configuration
  • ES6
  • Makes use of redux dev tools chrome extension
  • CSS-Modules


  • NodeJS

  • Google Chrome

    • (From a development standpoint, IE requires polyfills running the dev server and will not format code coverage reports nicely. The application will still run across both browsers, but for development, Chrome is much easier to work with)
    • Also, makes use of redux dev tools chrome extension to allow use of the tools in a production environment, and easier setup
  • NPM and APM proxy settings

    • NPM and APM (Installed with Atom) need to have their proxy configuration setup to allow the installation of packages/plugins if behind a firewall. Run the following commands, replacing (PROXY) with the proxy address:
      • npm config set proxy (PROXY)
      • npm config set https-proxy (PROXY)
      • npm config set strict-ssl false
      • apm config set proxy (PROXY)
      • apm config set https-proxy (PROXY)
      • apm config set strict-ssl false
  • Yo

    • Run the following commands
      • npm install -g yo
      • npm install -g generator-webdev-react
  • vscode

    • Work in Progress
  • Git


  • Run the following command, and answer all prompts to generate the scaffolding
  • yo webdev-react


  • Work in Progress