A base setup with riotjs and webpack, babel, autoprefixer. Optionally includes riot components from Riot Gear, and Riot Bootstrap.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Riotjs webpack template with super simple routing, and a RiotControl based dispatcher. The template comes as a full project with some collection data fetched from jsonplaceholder

Provides a ready to run webpack setup with riotjs, babel for ES2015 transforms, and autoprefixer for css.

Optional references to jQuery Modernizr Riot Bootstrap RiotGear


npm install -g generator-webpack-riotjs


yo webpack-riotjs

It will create a folder with your defined app name. Go into that folder and run:


Then open your browser at: http://localhost:8080


As this was started the intention was to create something that was easy to use when I needed to start a new riotjs project, and to avoid boilerplate. It has grown and for me developing this it has turned out to be a quite useful tool to stay on track and it has provided a stable and efficient workflow. Since this is still considered work in progress, please contribute, make suggestions

Riot Gear

Riot Gear will be included with all components in one file, not component by component. For more information on usage of Riot Gear components, please visit their website

Riot Bootstrap

Riot Bootstrap will be included with all components in one file, not component by component. For more information on usage of Riot Bootstrap components, please visit their website

Suggested workflow

The main idea is to create a setup with webpack that keeps out of the way, much like riotjs doesnt add walls to development.
Still, there are some conventions added to this setup. Hopefully it adds to the joy of development instead of adding barriers.
There is a yeoman generator included to create the boilerplate for tags, and it will create 2 files for each tag, one tag file for your html and javascript, and one file for your css. The tag requires the css so it will only be necessary to include the tag.

Add a new tag

yo riot-element my-new-tag

this creates a folder under app/tags/elements/my-new-tag with two file:.



    <div>Hello from <span>The underworld</span></div>


        this.on('update', function(){

        this.on('mount', function(){

        this.on('unmount', function(){




my-new-tag {

Then go to app/index.js and add the following to require your tag.


Edit public/index.html and add your tag to the page.


and finally on your console