Yeoman generator for a ProActive Workspaces Action project.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Yeoman generator for a ProActive IntraActive Workspaces Action.


node.js (for installing npm)

  • go to and download LTS installer
  • run install wizard npm (for installing generator)
  • start a new cmd or PowerShell (run as Administrator)
  • type: npm install npm -g Yeoman (for generating a new scaffolding project)
  • start a new cmd or PowerShell (run as Administrator)
  • type: npm install yo -g


You can install as a global generator using npm:

npm install generator-workspaces-action -g


Create a folder named after the project you want to create, e.g. Workspaces-Actions-YourAction. Inside that folder, run (notice that generator- must be omitted!):

yo workspaces-action

You will be asked to enter:

  • Action name (eg Workspaces.Actions.YourAction)
  • Display name of the Action as shown in the Wizard (Your Action)
  • Description of Action (My cool action that changes the world as we know it.)
  • Project customer (ProActive or other customer)
  • Project scope (e.g. SharePoint, Teams, Groups etc.)
  • Set folder where solution will be created (usually Main)

This command will create a Workspaces Action project folder structure with the files needed to create the Action nuget package.

The project is optimized for use in Visual Studio Code.

For futher guidance on how to use the Actions project, refer to the Workspaces Developer guideline.