AngularJS yeoman-generator using Angular-ui-router, sass-bootstrap, compass, mocha, gulp, font-awesome, ngdocs

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Yeoman generator for creating AngularJS applications. It currently serves as a project starter for my own projects, but I figured I would share in case anyone else finds it useful.


  • Modularized AngularJS app structured by functionality, instead of type.
  • Stripped down express 4 server ready to be configured anyway you choose.
  • Gulp dev, tdd and test tasks
  • Clientside jade partials built by gulp
  • Clientside jade templates for views and directives compiled and added to the $templateCache
  • Sass-Bootstrap, Compass, Font-Awesome pre-configured
  • Generators for directive, view and factory get generated as separate modules with a passing mocha-chai test


  • Compass
  • Gulp
  • Yeoman


App generator:

yo xd-angular

creates an angular application in app directory creates an express server in server directory creates a gulpfile with dev, test and tdd tasks creates karma configuration that can be used from gulp or webstorm creates a starter for your project installs bower & npm modules

View generator:

yo xd-angular:view view-name

creates a new directory view-name in app/views creates an angular controller and spec in that directory creates a jade template creates a sass file

Directive generator:

yo xd-angular:directive directive-name

creates a new directory directive-name in app/components creates an angular directive and spec in that directory creates a jade template creates a sass file

Factory generator:

yo xd-angular:factory factory-name

creates a new directory factory-name in app/services creates an angular service and spec in that directory

API generator:

yo xd-angular:api api-name baseUrl resourceName

creates a new directory api-name in app/api creates a restangular service, mock data value, e2e mock and spec in that directory