payk chart yeoman generator

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Pay-K Helm chart & devops pipeline auto generator.

1. Install Yeoman by running :

npm install -g yo 

2. Install the payk generator

npm install -g generator-yo-k

Running the generator

From the root of the (nest) project run the following command

yo yo-k

Then answer the questions.

When the installation is completed you will find that new files were add to your project.


? Please enter the projects port (leave empty for default 3000) 3000
? Enter project version (leave empty for default 0.0.1) 0.0.1
? Enter project name test-chart
? Enter number of replicas (leave empty for default 2) 1
   create test-chart/templates/application-deployment.yaml
   create test-chart/templates/application-service.yaml
   create Dockerfile
   create test-chart/Chart.yaml
   create azure-pipelines.yml
   create test-chart/values.yaml

Commit, Push & merge to Master.

Deploying the service to our K8S

Go to PayK Azure Devops, add a new pipeline from github. Choose your project. Choose to build from existing pipeline.yaml file. (it will use the file we just add to the project). DONE.