Yeoman generator for Zettel notes

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Zettel Generator


This generator allows you to generate Ā«zettelsĀ» for your Zettelkasten. If you don't know what a Zettelkasten is, have a look at this article.


The following softwares need to be installed on your system to be able to use this generator:

  • Node.js (12.x or greater)


This generator can be installed locally to your project (or zettelkasten) by running npm install generator-zettel. You can also install it globally by running npm install --global generator-zettel.


Run yo zettel --help to display the generator's help. If you simply run the generator with yo zettel without any arguments, it will prompt for the necessary information required to generate the zettel file.

The name convention for the generated zettel is <date-and-time>-<normalized_title>.md. YAML metadata (title and tags) are automatically generated based on the user's input. links is left empty to be filled by the user.


By running the generator with yo zettel 'Zettel generated by the generator' 'zettel,generator', you will get this result;