Filter reports from `generic-diff` or compatible modules to give changes with optional context.

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Filter reports from generic-diff or compatible modules to give changes with optional context.


genDiffCtx(report[, opts])

  • report: the one generated by generic-diff or a compatible module.
  • opts: config object
    • mergePairs: (bool) (default: false) Whether pairs of deletion and addition shall be merged.
    • unified: (number | object | bool) (default: false) With number(s) given, return a unified diff, i.e. array of changes, each change being an array of lines changed. The number sets how much context = how many unchanged items to include on both sides of the change(s). Give an object with number properties before and after to select them separately. You can also use the 0 property instead of before, and 1, instead of after, so an array of two numbers will work.
    • finalLf: (bool) (default: false; default in unified mode: true) Whether to report the trailing newline as GNU diff does: If the last line has a newline at its end, omit it, otherwise add a message that there was no newline at end of input.

genDiffCtx(a, b[, opts])

Like above, but generate the report by generic-diffing a and b.


see test/usage.demo.js and the tests