WebRTC Extensions for the Genesys Cloud Streaming Client SDK

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Genesys cloud Streaming Client WebRTC Sessions

Breaking Change

As of version 8.x, purecloud-streaming-client-webrtc-sessions has been renamed to genesys-cloud-streaming-client-webrtc-sessions


This library exposes API methods and emits events for @purecloud/streaming-client to consume


Run npm install to get all the dependencies set up


Run all the tests by using the script npm test in the command line

  • In order to run just a single test file do the following
    • ./node_modules/.bin/ava test/unit/someTest.test.js

Linting and Style

semistandard is being used as the linter and use the script npm run lint if you want to lint the code base

Set up linting in your editor so you get realtime linting on save