Generators are the new observables

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A new take on Observables using the generator interface as a core design abstraction.


import { EventStream } from 'geneviv';

// Create an event stream that will send some number values
const stream = new EventStream(observer => {
  console.log('A new listener has been attached.');

  queueMicrotask(async function() {
    // Send some values to the listener. Note that we must
    // send values in a future turn of the event loop; the
    // event stream is not yet active when the init function
    // is called.;;

    await null;

    // Signal that the stream has ended. If we've returned
    // a cancel function from init, it will now be called.

  return () => {
    console.log('The listener has been detached.');

// Transform the stream and attach a listener => value * 2).listen(value => {
  console.log(`Next value is: ${ value }`);