Convert alerts into gentle notifications

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Gentle Alerts

Google chrome extension to convert alerts into gentle notifications

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I started this project after getting annoyed with Google Calendar's event notifications. They used to have nice soft notifications, but they broke it when they graduated their feature from google labs and they haven't fixed it.

The extension will replace the built-in browser alert window with a modal which won't force you to context switch between tabs. It also prevents you from accidentally closing alert windows when you're typing.

You can close the modal by pressing "Enter", "Escape", or "Space". When opening, it has an audio chime.

Contributions welcome


Gentle-Alerts does not depend on any third-party libraries (e.g. jQuery) and is written against ES 2015 spec for browser compatibility.


npm test

Releasing a new version

  1. Update Changelog
  2. Update gentle-alerts/manifest.json with new version
  3. Update package.json with new version
  4. Commit a new release
  5. Tag and push the commit
  6. npm publish
  7. npm run package
  8. Upload the zip file to the chrome web store


The logo is from logodust. The background color is rgb(132, 192, 215):