Generate 3d box geometry

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3d Box Geometry

Generate a 3d box, with optional segments, centered on the origin.

Spinning Box

var box = require('geo-3d-box')({
    size: [5,5,5],
    segments: [2,2,2]


var box = require('geo-3d-box')({
    size: 5,
    segments: 2

The returned object is in the format of a simplicial complex with positions and cell indices (faces). In addition uvs and normals are generated.

box = {
    positions: [ [x,y,z], [x,y,z], ... ],
    cells: [ [0,1,4], [4,3,0], ... ],
    uvs: [ [u,v], [u,v], ... ],
    normals: [ [x,y,z], [x,y,z], ... ],

Size (Array or Number)

Either an array or a single number. Sets the width, height, and depth of the box. Defaults to [1,1,1].

Segments (Array or Number)

Subdivide the cube.

Migrating from v1.x.x

The data is now all chunked in tuples like [ [x,y,z], [x,y,z], ... ] instead of [ x,y,z,x,y,z,... ] to be more in-line with's ecosystem. In addition normals are now provided by default.