Creates a 2d arc in 3d space

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  import geoArc from '';



render experimental

Creates a 2d arc in 3d space.




An example can be found at ./test/index.js. You can run this test by calling:

$ npm test

A simple usage example with default values being passed as settings:

var geoArc = require('geo-arc');

// geo will be a Object will three properties:
// positions - the vertices
// cells - the indices to draw the arc
// uvs - uv values for for the arc
var geo = geoArc( {
    cellSize: 3, // 1 == points, 2 == lines, 3 == triangles
    x: 0, // x position of the center of the arc
    y: 0, // y position of the center of the arc
    z: 0, // z position of the center of the arc
    startRadian: 0, // start radian for the arc
    endRadian: 1.5, // end radian for the arc
    innerRadius: 40, // inner radius of the arc
    outerRadius: 200, // outside radius of the arc
    numBands: 2, // subdivision from inside out 
    numSlices: 40, // subdivision along curve
    drawOutline: true // if cellSize == 2 draw only the outside of the shape

Generated uv values look like this: Generated UVs


MIT, see for details.