Great Circle Distance library for calculating geo-coordinates within kilometre radiuses

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Geo Circle

This is a lightweight geo utility package that can extract all of the latitude and longitude coordinates within an array of data within a user-defined km circle area


Installation is with npm : npm install geocircle --save


To get started, create a GeoCircle object and pass it the correct parameters. In your array of data you need to have a LatLng object of anatomy { lat: 34.0001, lng: -33.1111 } by default the key latlng is used but you can specify a user-defined key for example coords as the fourth argument to the GeoCircle constructor.

const GeoCircle = require('geocircle');

const data = [
        name: "A",
        coords: { //we'll specify the key 'coords' to target this object that holds the lat/lng
            lat: 52.000,
            lng: -33.500
        name: "B",
        coords: {
            lat: -34.9285,
            lng: 138.6007

var geoCircle = new GeoCircle(52.000, -33.000, data, 'coords'); //note the use of the key 'coords'
geoCircle.setGeoCircleWithin(100) //within 100km
console.log(geoCircle.toString()) // name: A | Latitude: 52.00000 | Longitude: -33.50000

Method Reference

Public Properties (GeoCircle)

Property Summary
SORT_ASCENDING The identifier for the ascending sorting order of the sort() method
SORT_DESCENDING The identifier for the descending sorting order of the sort() method

Public Methods (GeoCircle)

Method Summary
setGeoCircleWithin Filters the internal data array to only the coordinates within the km radius provided as a param
sort (key, sort = SORT_DESCENDING) Sorts the internal data by key and by asc or desc
toString Returns a human readable string representation of the internal data

Static Methods (LatLng)

Method Summary
getLatLngFromCoordsString Returns a LatLng object based on the coordinates string passed e.g "-34.000,80.0444"