find clusters in coordinates

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geocluster finds clusters in sets of coordinates. It's a port of S-means by Brian Hann (which itself is a stdev-driven form of K-means), but with two dimensions, Earth-geodesic distance and properly working code.


npm install geocluster


result = geocluster(coordinates[, bias])

coordinates is an Array of [lat, lon] pairs. bias is a factor the standard deviation gets multiplied with, which acts as threshold to determine if a coordinate belongs to a cluster.

result is an Array of cluster objects, which have centroid and elements properties. Example:

    centroid: [1.0,1.0],
    elements: [
        [1.0,1.0], [0.9,1.1], [1.1,0.9]
    centroid: [2.0,2.0],
    elements: [
        [2.0,2.0], [1.9,2.1], [2.1,1.9]

Sample Code

var geocluster = require("geocluster");

var coordinates = [ // array of lat-lon-pairs
    [<lat>, <lon>], 
    [<lat>, <lon>], 
    [<lat>, <lon>],
    // ...

var bias = 1.5; // multiply stdev with this factor, the smaller the more clusters

var result = geocluster(coordinates, bias); 

// result is an array of cluster objects with `centroid` and `elements` properties


Public Domain