Divide the earth into three emoji coordinates

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Implementing Lou Huang's What3Emojis coordinates with a geohash, calculated using NodeJS

These are not official three emoji coordinates yet!


Currently dividing the earth into 30x30 grid squares at each zoom level, up to three emojis. There are 900^3 possible combinations of three emojis, so the resulting grid is about one square meter.

Origin is at 90 S, 180 W (the South Pacific)

The 900 emoji are the 766 Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs of Unicode 8, followed by 80 emoticons, then the first 54 Transport and Map Symbols. As the spec gets defined, some emoji (such as Pile of Poo and Love Hotel) may be substituted for other Transport and Map Symbol characters.


npm install

If you use the browser, also include a String.fromCodePoint polyfill for older browsers:


Find your latitude and longitude. If I am at 40.1 degrees North, 93.7 degrees West, then I can run this on the command line:

node geohash.js 19.6968708 96.1249349
> 🔳🏰💭

In NodeJS:

var coordAt = require("geohash-emoji").coordAt;
var emojiAt = require("geohash-emoji").emojiAt;

In browser JavaScript I can just call

coordAt(40.1, -93.7);


Tests both emoji-finding and coordinate system:

npm test


MIT License