Autocompletion for places and addresses.

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Autocompletion for places and addresses. Checkout the demo. Uses awesomplete for UI, and furkot-geocode as a geocoder backend.


$ npm install --save geoplete


var geoplete = require('geoplete');
var input = document.querySelection('.input-field');

geoplete(input, {         // input element to which geoplete attaches
  type: 'address',        // 'address' or 'place'
  minChars: 4,            // min number of characters before we query for matches
  lang: 'en',             // language - if not specified document.lang is used
  bounds: [[W,S],[E,N]],  // location hint - array of 2 [longitude, latitude] points
  item: function () {},   // generate list item (see [awesomplete][awesomplete-extend])
  geocoder: {
                          // see [furkot-geocode] for details

When one of the values is selected input will event. The detail field of the event contain place information:

  • place - place name (may be absent if address doesn't correspond to a named place)
  • type - place type
  • address - formated address
  • house - building number
  • street - street name
  • community - neighborhood or village
  • town - town or city
  • county - administrative area more general than town
  • province - state or province (usually abbreviated)
  • country - country (short form but not abbreviated)


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