Geo location service using multiple free independent services and modules

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Geosearch is a library covering multiple free geoservices and modules


  • Maxmind (v1) maxmind-dat
  • Maxmind (v2) maxmind-mmdb
  • Ipgeobase ipgeobase has city, regions and coordinates for Russia and Ukraine only
  • ip-api
  • ipinfo
  • freegeoip
  • geobytes

This module is useful when you need to detect location by ip address with high accuracy. If you have ip addresses mainly from Russia and Ukraine - good options is to set Ipgeobase as first priority.


npm i geosearch


 var geo = require("geosearch");
 geo.lookup('', function (err, result) {

result is an object containing these geo-properties:

  • city
  • countryCode
  • countryName
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • isp
  • zip
  • regionName
  • regionCode

And also some technical properties:

  • method (last used method)
  • usedMethods (methods used to find requested data and search time fot each of them)
  • requestTime (whole search time, ms)

Answer example:

Answer example


GeoSearch has flexible configuration options.

By default only countryCode property is required. To set city as required field:

var options = {};
options.fields = {}; = true;

If first completed method's result does not contain all required fields,the resulting object will accumulate all found fields from methods until all required data will have been gathered.

Also you can manage services. This example disables ip-api service and set ipinfo priority level to 10(less level value - higher priority) = {};['ip-api'] = false;['ipinfo'] = 10;

Methods with local geo-databases are the fastest, so they have better priority by default. Also keep in mind that some online services have limitations for amount of requests ion a period of time. ipinfo has daily limit - 1000 requests; geobytes - 16000 requests per hour; So it may not be the best option to set ipinfo top priority if you have thousands of daily ip look-ups

You can tell GeoSearch to double check found result by one field:

options.common = {};
options.common.checkField = 'countryCode';
options.common.checkLevel = 2;

options.common.checkLevel contains number of services which should return equal value of options.common.checkField. In this example callback with result will be executed only after at least two methods return same countryCode.

Methods maxmind-dat, maxmind-mmdb and ipgeobase use local files to get information by ip. Other methods use online services.

To specify path to these files you have to use the following code

options.files = {};
options.files['maxmind-mmdb'] = '/path/to/db/file.mmdb';
options.files['maxmind-dat']['directory'] = '/path/to/directory/containing/dat-files/';

Files for ipgeobase are already in package. If you want to use your own files(maybe newer):

options.files['ipgeobase']['cidrdb'] = '/path/to/countries-db-file/cidr.txt';
options.files['ipgeobase']['citiesdb'] = '/path/to/cities-db-file/citiesdb.txt';

To reset options:


Reset can be useful if you want to run several geo.lookup with different options.

Run Tests

Tests are written in mocha and chai

$ npm test

Other realizations

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