IP to Country/Region lookup module

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  import geotools from '';



Simple and fast IP to Country/Region lookup module for nodejs. Pull Requests are welcome!

GEO databases

You can download fresh geo database from this website: Database contains major ranges for all countries worldwide and precise ranges for most Russian cities/regions. It could also be extended with other generic geo data.


npm install geotools


var geo = require('geotools');
var res = geo.lookup('');
  * Output is: 
  * {
  *    country: 'RU',
  *    region: 1056,
  *    city: 'Березовский',
  *    regionName: 'Свердловская область',
  *    district: 'Уральский федеральный округ',
  *    lat: '56.912811',
  *    lon: '60.804699'
  *  }

Speed / Benchmark

Approximate speed on average laptop is about 1.5M calls per second. Benchmark is simple, but it gives you an idea about module's performance. Test it yourself:

node ./lib/bench.js