SOA local development made easy. Run multiple processes with defined and common ENV's

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SOA local development made easy.

Geppetto makes it simple to script the launch of all your local services with the desired environment variables



npm install -g geppetto


If you have a geppetto.json in the local directory, you can just run geppetto. If you have a file named something other than geppetto.json use the -f or --file flag.

geppetto -f config.json

Define a json configuration file with the processes that you want running. You can define a:

  • Required
    • command - The command being called to launch the process
  • Optional
    • dir - The directory you want the process to be launched from. dir supports $ENVIRONMENT variable expansion.
    • env - A hash of process specific environment variables you want the process to have
    • install - A sub level of options to perform to install the necessary files (if dir is nonexistent)for the process (install overrides git option)
    • postinstall - A sub level of options to perform after installation
    • git - If dir is nonexistent it will be cloned down locally
    • postgit - Sub level options to run on directory after cloning down with git
  "api_server": {
    "dir": "$PWD/node-server",
    "install": {
      "command": "curl",
      "arguments": ["-O", ""]
    "postinstall": {
      "command": "npm",
      "arguments": ["install"]
    "command": "node",
    "arguments": [ "app.js" ],
    "env": {
      "PORT": "1337"
  "app_server": {
    "git": "",
    "postgit": {
      "command": "bundle",
      "arguments": ["install"]
    "command": "rails",
    "arguments": ["s"],
    "env": {
      "API_URL": "http://localhost:1337"

Common Globals

There are also top level keys that can be defined to set global common options:

  • _env Common environment variables for each service
  "_env": {"LEVEL": "1", "BOSS": "SnapBack"},
  "game": {"command": "cat", "arguments": ["index.js"], "env": {"LEVEL": "2"}}
//game env will be `{LEVEL: 2, BOSS: "SnapBack"}


-r --run

You can run select services from a configuration file by passing in the -r or --run flag specifying which services.

geppetto -r worker -r webapp -r proxy

-e --export-env

You can "export" the environment variables for an app using a -e or --export-env flag and an optional app name.

geppetto -e [app-name]

If no app is specificed all _env values will be printed, if an app is specified its specific env variables will be printed as well. You can pipe these into a file and source it in bash.

Example output:

export SOME_ENV=your_value
export SOME_OTHER_ENV=your_other_value

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