Helper functions on an included database derived from german-pos-dict

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german-dict-helper provides an extensive morphological and syntactic lexicon for German.

german-dict-helper very simple Node.js module that contains:

  • parts of this data if different specific json files
  • a helper class to get data from these files


npm install german-dict-helper


var GermanDictHelper = require('german-dict-helper').GermanDictHelper;

var gdh = new GermanDictHelper();

// Frühstück
console.log( gdh.getNoun("Frühstücken") );

// schön
console.log( gdh.getAdj("schöner") );

The json files are created from the source data via the createDb script.

Current helpers:

  • getAdj takes a flex form (string) of an adjective and returns its root. gelbe => gelb. null when not found.
  • getNoun takes a flex form (string) of a noun and returns its root. Flaschen => Flasche. null when not found.


dependencies and licences

german-pos-dict provides linguistic binary resources under CC-BY-SA-4.0, which autorises commercial usages. It also contains an script to generate a textual dump using dictionary.dump (zipped in is this textual dump. It remains under CC-BY-SA-4.0 licence.

The derived json files included in this package remain under the same CC-BY-SA-4.0 licence.