Get the cube of a number

Usage no npm install needed!

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get-cube is an npm package for getting the cube of a number.


Download the get-cube package globally by running the below command:

npm install -g get-cube

Download the get-cube package locally by running the below command in your project folder:

npm install get-cube


Once you have installed the get-cube package globally, you can use it any time from CLI only by running the below command in any directory:

getCube <number to cube>

For example:

getCube 5 # returns 125

To use it within your project file:

var getCube = require("get-cube")

getCube(<number to cube>);

For example:

var getCube = require("get-cube")

getCube(5); // returns 125

Using without installation

Run the below command to use the get-cube package from CLI without installation:

npx get-cube <number to cube>

For example:

npx get-cube 5 # returns 125