Return a Document or DOMImplementation instance in both Node and the browser

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This is a very simple module. Use it whenever you need to have access to either a Document or a DOMImplementation instance in Node or the browser transparently.

When running in Node, this will use jsdom to provide you with the right objects. While jsdom works in the browser, it's a pretty big dependency to have and you already have a DOM there. So when loaded in a browser this module does not at all depend on jsdom but rather returns the current document and its document.implementation. (If you want a new instance, just use the DOMImplementation to create one).

NOTE: This only works with bundlers that respect the browser field in package.json (Browserify does, I guess the other big ones do too).

The major version number for this module now tracks that of jsdom.


npm install get-dom


import dom from 'get-dom';
let doc = dom.document();
let impl = dom.implementation();

Or for those of you who like your JS retro:

var dom = require('get-dom');
var doc = dom.document();
var impl = dom.implementation();

You can look under example-browser to see how this works in the browser, once browserified.