fetches info from Epitech's Intranet

Usage no npm install needed!

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Fetches data from epitech's database. Can be used to establish rankings on GPA, Tepitech scores or whatever you fancy. Every options we send to the API (year, course, promo...) is located in fetchData.js

We also compute an experimental tek4Rank. It's based at 50% on your gpa and 15% on your best tepitech. It ranges from 0 to 65


paste your auth cookie from epitech's intranet into authcookie.example.txt and rename it to authcookie.txt

npm i or yarn i and npm run start

All data will be persisted into a res.json file that will be accessed in further runs for faster computing. Make sure you delete the res.json file if you want to fetch new data.

You can edit those entries and the processing by tweaking processStudent in index.js

example use : npm run start > "res.txt"