Get unique identifiers for your JS objects

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import getId from '';



Keep track of your JS objects (and functions) via a unique id.


npm install --save get-id


import getid from 'get-id'
// or:
// var getid = require('get-id');

var object  = {},
    object2 = {};

var objid  = getid(object);
var obj2id = getid(object2);

objid  === getid(object);
obj2id === getid(object2);

What's happening?

getid assigns an id (int) to a non-enumerable, non-writable property on the passed object or function under the key __object_id__, and then returns it.

Using a custom id property name

If for whatever reason you don't want to use the __object_id__ key, you can generate a custom getid function using the exported create function:

import { create as create_getid } from 'get-id';

const customgetid = create_getid('__this_is_a_custom_key');
const object = {};
const objectid = customgetid(object);

objectid === object['__this_is_a_custom_key'];