Get the latest package.json for a module.

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Get the latest package.json for a module.

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Install with npm:

$ npm install --save get-latest

What does this module do?

This module will return the latest (or newest) package.json file for a specified module. The getLatest function requires the current package.json file to be able to compare versions and return the current package.json if the latest hasn't been downloaded yet.

The first use of get-latest will always return the current package.json because the latest has not been downloaded. Once the latest is downloaded and cached, then the latest version will be returned.

This is intended to be used by CLIs and applications that want to quickly check for the latest version without blocking execution, but still download the latest to be used during the next execution of the CLI or application.


var pkg = require('./package.json');
var getLatest = require('get-latest');
var latest = getLatest(pkg);
console.log('current', pkg.version);
console.log('latest', latest.version);
//=> 'current 0.1.0'
//=> 'latest' 0.2.0'



Get the latest package.json for the specified package.json and given options.

This library will use the given package.json to determine if it's the latest one or if there is a newer version. If the given package.json is the latest, then it is returned.


  • pkg {Object}: Current package.json to use for checking for the latest.
  • options {Object}: Additional options to control how the checking is handled.
  • options.timespan {String}: String used to determine if the background process should be started to npm for the latest version. Defaults to '1 hour ago'.
  • options.cache {Boolean}: Set to false to ensure that the background process is always started.
  • returns {Object}: Latest package.json is returned.


var latest = getLatest(require('./package.json'));


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