You get me?

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import getMe from '';


get me

Simplifies requiring packages in node harmony, using proxies and memoisation to load packages only as required.


$ npm install get-me --save

But why

Partly because I wanted to do something fun with Proxies, but also because why would you do this

var fsx = require('fs-extra'),
    path = require('path'),
    globby = require('globby'),
    execSync = require('child_process').execSync,
    _ = require('underscore'),
    inquirer = require("inquirer");

function doStuff(defaults) {
    var dest = path.resolve(__dirname, '../..');

    inquirer.prompt([/**/], function(a) {
        _.extend(a, defaults);
        matches = globby.sync(a.globs);

        matches.forEach(function(f) {
            fsx.copySync(f, path.resolve(dest, f));

        execSync('git init', {cwd: dest});

When you can do this

var $ = require('get-me')(require, {
    execSync: '[child_process].execSync'

function doStuff(defaults) {
    var dest = $.path.resolve(__dirname, '../..');

    $.inquirer.prompt([/**/], function(a) {
        $.underscore.extend(a, defaults);
        matches = $.globby.sync(a.globs);

        matches.forEach(function(f) {
            $.fsExtra.copySync(f, $.path.resolve(dest, f));

        $.execSync('git init', {cwd: dest});

Need to bring a new library into a file?

No need to scroll back to the top, drop in another require and all that jazz - just start using it, it's a simple as typing $.myNewLibrary.doStuff()! You can install it later, and if you forget, get-me will tell you about it when it can't find what you were looking for!

See the examples folder for a more replete example of all the API features.

Mocking in tests

You can also now use get-me for providing stubs/mocks in tests by means of global aliases

// app.js
var $ = require('get-me')(require);
module.exports = function(val) {
    $.myDependency.a = val;
// spec.js
var getme = require('get-me'),
    $ = getme(require, {
        app: '../src/app'

describe('my app', function() {
    var mock;
    beforeEach(function() {
        mock = {};
            './my-dependency': mock

    it('does things', function() {