Make sure you've got the selenium jar and the chromedriver executable

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Inspired by selenium-download but written in ES6 instead of CoffeeScript. Motivation was problems getting the original module running on v6 of Node.js. The latest version of selenium-download now works with v6 so I encourage you to use to use that. I will, however, still maintain this module since I've already published it.


Install with npm

npm install get-selenium --save-dev
import { ensure } from 'get-selenium';

    () => console.log('selenium and chromedriver present')


ensure(path, options)

Downloads the latest version of selenium's jar and the appropriate chromedriver executable for your system. If the appropriate files already exist in the path then they are not downloaded again.

Returns a promise that resolves when the files are present.

update(path, options)

Clears out the path directory and then calls ensure, thus forcing the binaries to be downloaded even if they already exist.

Returns a promise that resolves when the files are present.


Optional parameter with default values

    verbose: true


Logs progress to console.log. Set this to false if you don't want to clutter the shell.