Get submissions from Codeforces

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App to get the source code of your submissions with verdict Accepted from Codeforces

To install

# npm install -g get-submissions

To use

$ get-submissions -h <handle> -c <count> -d <directory>

<handle>: Valid handle from
<count>:  Searching for Accepted in the last N submissions, "infinite" by default
<directory>: The path for the directory where submissions will be saved, './' by default

  // Gets all Accepted submissions and saves it in './' (current directory)
  - get-submissions -h tourist

  // Gets all Accepted submissions from the last 20 submissions and saves it in './'
  - get-submissions -h tourist -c 20

  // Gets all Accepted submissions and saves it in './codeforces' folder.
  - get-submissions -h tourist -d codeforces

This could be take a while (depending of the amount of submissions).

Directory structure after download

The structure of folders is something like:

            /Codeforces Beta Round #1/
            /Codeforces Beta Round #16 (Div. 2 Only)
            / ...

Complete example: link

Example of code downloaded: (In the head of file is added a link for the problem) C.cpp


data.db: File to storage downloaded submissions

How to add support for a new language

In index.js there are two variables extension and comment, to add new language is necessary to add the extension of language and line for comment.

Example: how to add Ada language

Add in the final the pair key value for extension and comment respectively.

var extension = {'GNU C++': 'cpp', 'GNU C': 'c' ,'Java': 'java', 'Haskell': 'hs',
  'Pascal':'p', 'Perl': 'pl', 'PHP': 'php', 'Python': 'py', 'JavaScript': 'js', 'Ada': 'adb'};

var comment = {'GNU C++': '//','GNU C': '//' ,'Java': '//', 'Haskell': '--',
  'Pascal': '//', 'Perl': '#', 'PHP': '//', 'Python': '#', 'JavaScript': '//', 'Ada': '--'};