Library to capture screnshots / thumbnails as images from a videos. Only works in the browser.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import getVideoScreenshot from '';


Get Video Screenshot

Library to get screenshots of a video at any given time. Dependency free (other than the browser itself, does not work on node).


import GetVideoScreenshot from "get-video-screenshot";

const videoScreenshotGetter = GetVideoScreenshot(<Video Source>);
* Returns a `videoScreenshotGetter` object.

videoScreenshotGetter.get({time: <Int, Seconds>})
* Returns a promise with the image source as payload.

Example Usage.

import GetVideoScreenshot from "get-video-screenshot";

const videoScreenshotGetter = GetVideoScreenshot("./video.mp4");

const videoThumbnailSrc = await videoScreenshotGetter.get({ time: 1 });

// render to image to an <img /> tag
document.querySelector("img[data-thumbnail-render]").src = videoThumbnailSrc;