Parse XML in Node and the browser seamlessly

Usage no npm install needed!

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This is a very simple module. Use it whenever you need to parse XML into a DOM, in either Node or the browser, transparently.

When running in Node, this will use xmldom to process the XML. When loaded in a browser there is no such dependency and the browser's native XML processing will be used. This can lead to differences in DOM behaviour, but so long as you stick to tried-and-true DOM usage you will be fine.

NOTE: This only works with bundlers that respect the browser field in package.json (Browserify does, I guess the other big ones do too).


npm install get-xml


import { parseString } from 'get-xml';
let doc = parseString(someXML);

Or for those of you who like your JS retro:

var parseString = require('get-dom').parseString;
var doc = parseString(someXML);

You can look under example-browser to see how this works in the browser, once browserified.