Generate an avatar by mixing-and-matching various elements.

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Get Avataaars

Generate an avatar by mixing-and-matching various elements.

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After installing, simply import Get Avataaars in your file.

const avatars = require("getavataaars");

Consume the generateAvatar() API to get an avatar URL that you can use directly as an image. Supply the settings object to customize your avatar. All settings are pretty self-explanatory and matches the web editor. Adding the following code, for example:

var image = avatars.generateAvatar({
            Hair: avatars.Hair.Eyepatch,
            Accessories: avatars.Accessories.Kurt,
            Eyebrow: avatars.Eyebrow.Angry

Would produce the following image:


Avataaars designed by Pablo Stanley.
Web editor by Fang-Pen Lin.
React npm package by Fang-Pen Lin.
This NPM package is developed by Clyde D'Souza.