Get entries from administrative databases for Node.js

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Get entries from administrative databases for Node.js.

It's Node.js implementation of the features in the getent system command.

Why use system calls and not read filesystem?

Some systems don't use files like /etc/passwd.

For example if you are using a LDAP-based systems you must use standard system calls.

By using calls you don't need to bother what type of database the system is currently using.


You can install it using NPM: npm install getent


Currently supports only these database:

  • passwd


Generic stuff to do:

  • Write unit tests
  • Setup travis-ci

Implement these new databases:

  • Database passwd - Implement getpwnam and getpwuid -- Current search does NOT use these!
  • Database group - Implement getgrent etc
  • Database hosts - Implement gethostent
  • Database services - Implement getservent
  • Database protocols - Implement getprotoent etc
  • Database networks - Implement getnetent

Also maybe these (which were not documented for getent command):

  • Database shadow - Implement getspent, getspnam, etc
  • Database alias - Implement getaliasent etc
  • Database rpc - Implement getrpcent etc
  • Database tty - Implement getttyent etc
  • Database mnt - Implement getmntent

If this library some day has more features than the original command, then it should have runnable node-getent when installed globally.

Feel free to submit issues if you would like to see another feature or would need one of these implemented sooner. I'll accept pull requests, too!


First you must define getent like this (did you expect something else?):

var getent = require('getent');

Fetch all users using a callback:

getent.passwd(function(user) {
    console.log( JSON.stringify(user) );

Fetch all users by returning an array:

var users = getent.passwd();

Fetch single user:

var users = getent.passwd("root");

Fetch two users:

var users = getent.passwd(["root", "nobody"]);

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