NodeJS command line 'parser'

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setopt(options, [arguments])

Set the options for your program. If arguments is not set, process.argv is used.

Options is a string containing letters that correspond to the options you want. If a letter is proceeded by a :, the option has a required argument. If a letter is proceeded by double :, the option has an optional argument.

This function throws exceptions when an invalid option is set and when a required option is not set.


Callback will be called with 2 arguments, where the first is the option name (a letter) and the second is the option parameter(s) or the number of times the option has appeared.


An example is worth 1000 words..

var opt = require('getopt');

try {
    // set options, 2nd argument is optional, if not set it will fetch process.argv
    opt.setopt("abc:d::", [ "-ab", "-ac", "34", "-d" ]);
} catch (e) {
    // exceptions are thrown when an invalid option
    // is set or a required parameter is not set

opt.getopt(function (o, p) {
    switch (o) {
        case "a":
        case "b":
            console.log("option %s set %d times", o, p);
        case "c":
            console.log("option c param = '%s'", p);
        case "d":
            console.log("option d set");