The command line utility tool to get top news

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Get Top News

gettopnews is a command line tool that can be used to get top trending news about latest technologies and technological happenings. The module is quite so handy that you don't have to visit differnet websites to rake through updates and howabouts in the digital world.

How to install

You can install gettopnews with following command

$ npm install gettopnews -g

How to use

You can use gettopnews tool by typing following command in the terminal or commnand prompt

$ gettopnews --posts 7

The above commnad will display top news ranked in descending order by their score.


  1. --help: display information about the tool
  2. --posts: number of posts you wan to see.

Run in local

You may run the tool on your local machine by cloning the repository. Clone the repo

$ cd getTopNews
$ npm install
$ node index.js --posts 7

Run tests

$ npm test


MIT Author: @nileskh2504