GEOGATE-Simulator simulate one/many GPS/AIS receiver/transpondeur

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GeoGate Simulator

GeoGate is an opensource GPS/AIS tracking server framework, that enable easy integration of multiple GPS trackers in WEB applications. It provides data acquisition drivers for typical tracker devices or phone's GPS apps. It handle multiple database backend, and support GeoJSON, AIS & NMEA encoding/decoding. It embed support for multiple classes of trackers, phone-apps, as well an NMEA & AIS simulator.


Is the component that support GPS/AIS receiver/transceiver emulation. It can either emulate a single or multiple devices.


   npm install ggsimulator

OnLine demo

   tcp:// 5001 (one GPS/GPRMC + 10 AIS targets) in the bay of Quiberon (South Brittany, Europe)

Command line

   # Standalone GPS/AIS device
   node ./bin/DevSimulator.js --verbose --gpxfile=sample/gpx-file/opencpn-sample.gpx --mmsi=0 --tic=1  # MMSI=0 force GPRMC formatting
   node ./bin/DevSimulator.js --verbose --gpxfile=sample/gpx-file/opencpn-sample.gpx --mmsi=12312345 --tic=10 --shipname='Youpi' --class='A' --speed=15 --length=150 --width=10

   # One GPS and Multiple AIS targets loop for ever
   node ./bin/HubSimulator.js --gpxdir=./sample/hub-route --port=5001 --loopwait=1 --debug=3

API Usage

   var GGsimulator = require("ggsimulator").Simulator;
   var config =
       { gpxfile : "../sample/gpx-file/opencpn-sample.gpx"
       , mmsi    : 1234      // my prefered fake MMSI
       , tic     : 1         // send a position every 10s
       , loopwait: 0         // stop at end of gpxfile
       , debug   : 4         // [0-9] 4= see event emit without listening to them
    var simulator = new GGsimulator (config);
    simulator.event.on("position",MyEventHandler4Position);   // GPS position report
    simulator.event.on("static"  ,MyEventHandler4Statics);    // AIS static data report

    // Check ./sample/geojson for a working solution with a custom message formating


require("ggsimulator").Simulator : parses a single GPX file, generates intermediary points and emits position/statics events require("ggsimulator").Dispatch : supports TCP client/server services. Dispatches outgoing messages to connected clients require("ggsimulator").NmeaAisEncoder : formats outgoing messages to GPRMC/AIVDM standard as requested by chart applications like OpenCPN


./sample/geojson/GeoJsonExample.js A small application that leverages a basic custom encoding.