A tool that helps you make faster npm releases

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fork info

This is a fork of cut-release it includes all the features of cut-release except that it always assumes you're in a git repo and when it creates a git tag instead of tagging with just the version, it tags with


The reason to do this is when you want to manage multiple npm packages in a single repo. In this case you need to avoid tag name conflicts and this accomplishes that in the simplest way.


A command line tool that helps you make faster npm releases.

What it does:

  • runs npm version with the version you specify. If run in a git repo, it will also create a version commit and tag, just like what npm version does.
  • pushes commits and tags to origin
  • runs npm publish


npm install -g gilbox-cut-release


Usage: gilbox-cut-release [<newversion> | patch | minor | major | prepatch | preminor | premajor | prerelease]


    --yes, -y       Don't confirm, just release right away. The new version must be supplied.

    --message, -m   If supplied, npm will use it as a commit message when
                    creating a version commit. If the message contains %s then
                    that will be replaced with the resulting version number