Small node.js utility for parsing git status --porcelain

Usage no npm install needed!

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A small node.js utility for parsing git status --porcelain.


$ npm install git-get-status


var git_get_status = require('git-get-status');

git_get_status(function(err, result){
    var status = result;

The status object

   // the local branch...
   local_branch: 'master',
   // the remote branch, if any...
   remote_branch: 'origin/master',
   // whether and by how many commits the local branch is 
   // ahead or behind the remote. If the local and remote
   // branch are caught up, this will be null
   remote_diff: 'ahead 1',
   // if there are unadded or uncommited local changes,
   // clean will be false. Otherwise clean will be true.
   clean: true,
   // a list of unadded or uncommited files
   files: []