Shortcuts for the Git Commands You Use Everyday.

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gg: Git Goodies

The version of Git Goodies seen below is not the (old, buggy, slow) Node.js version. It is the (new, faster, better looking) Shell version that can be found on the old GitHub repository.

It is recommended that you avoid this Node.js version and stick the the Shell version.


gg helps you work with git more efficiently, saving you keystrokes for your most prized projects.

Think of gg as a wrapper for the git commands that you run all the time; a wrapper that adds functionality and is aesthetically pleasing.

Hold up. Aren't these basically Git aliases?

There's more to the package than just shortcuts or aliases.

For example, the gg s command presents you with an easy to look at a quick glance status of your repository. In addition, there are aesthetic changes that increase the intuitiveness of Git itself.

Here's a screenshot of the gg s command in action:

gg s

You can see the current local branch and its respective remote branch, the latest commit hash and message, the local repository's position in relation with the respective remote repository (alerting you that you should push two commits to reach up-to-date status with the remote repository), the status of staging and commits, and the commits that waiting to be pushed.

All of this from one four character command.


curl -fsSL | sh

All this installation script does is download the gg script, make it an executable, and copy it to your $PATH (/usr/local/bin). For copying to your $PATH, it may require you to enter your password. If there is a better way to do this, please send in a pull request.

If you don't feel comfortable executing a random script, its source is available here.

gg relies solely on git and attempts to use built-in Shell features over external programs, such as using Bash substitution instead of sed.


    gg [options] [COMMAND] [args]

    gg                              Display this help information
    gg i                            Initialize new Git repository
    gg ig                           List available .gitignore templates
    gg ig <template>                Add .gitignore file from <template>
    gg igf <file ...>               Add all <file>(s) to .gitignore
    gg cl <url>                     Clone repository from <url>
    gg a                            Add all files
    gg a <file ...>                 Add all <file>(s)
    gg c <message>                  Add all files and commit with <message>
    gg cn <message>                 Commit with <message>
    gg uc <count>                   Go back (uncommit) <count> commits
    gg rc <message>                 Add all files and recommit (amend) with <message>
    gg rcn <message>                Recommit (amend) with <message>
    gg p                            Push all commits to remote
    gg pl                           Pull all commits from remote
    gg f                            Fetch all commits from remote
    gg s                            Display repository status
    gg l                            Display repository commit log
    gg b                            List all branches in repository
    gg b <branch>                   Create and checkout <branch>
    gg ch                           List all branches in repository
    gg ch <branch>                  Checkout <branch>
    gg in <hash>                    Display info about <hash>

    -V, --version                   Output current version of Git Goodies
    -h, --help                      Display this help information

Initializing repositories

gg i

  • gg i
  • gg init

Adding a template to .gitignore

gg ig

  • gg ig <template>
  • gg ignore <template>

Templates provided by

Adding a file to .gitignore

gg igf

  • gg igf <file ...>
  • gg ignorefile <file ...>

Cloning a repository

gg cl

  • gg cl <url>
  • gg clone <url>

The URL can be provided in any format (SSH, HTTP, etc.)

Adding all files

gg a

  • gg a
  • gg add

Adding specific files

gg a

  • gg a <file ...>
  • gg add <file ...>

Adding all and committing

gg c

  • gg c <message>
  • gg commmit <message>

If no is provided, a generic one listing all files modified/added will be generated.


gg cn

  • gg cn <message>

If no is provided, a generic one listing all files modified/added will be generated.

Uncommiting (resetting: git reset HEAD~count)

gg back

  • gg uc <count>
  • gg uncommit <count>
  • gg back <count>

If no is provided, 1 will be used.

Adding all and recommitting (amending: git commit --amend)

gg am

  • gg rc <message>
  • gg recommit <message>
  • gg am <message>
  • gg amend <message>

If no is provided, a generic one listing all files modified/added will be generated.

Recommitting (amending: git commit --amend)

gg am

  • gg rcn <message>
  • gg amn <message>

If no is provided, a generic one listing all files modified/added will be generated.


gg p

  • gg p
  • gg push


gg pl

  • gg pl
  • gg pull


gg f

  • gg f
  • gg fetch

Getting repository status

gg s

  • gg s
  • gg status

Displaying commit log

gg l

  • gg l
  • gg log

Listing all branches

gg b

  • gg b
  • gg ch

Checking out existing branch

gg ch

  • gg ch <branch>

Creating and checking out new branch

gg b

  • gg b <branch>

Displaying commit info

gg in

  • gg in <hash>
  • gg info <hash>
  • gg view <hash>

If no is provided, HEAD (last commit) will be used.

Displaying Git Goodies version

gg -V

  • gg -V
  • gg --version

Displaying Git Goodies help

gg -h

  • gg
  • gg -h
  • gg --help
  • gg help


Contributions are always welcome, from a typo in the README to an enhancement of a feature to a completely new feature itself.

Avoid code smells, create reusable code, and follow the loosely-modeled coding standard found in the current code.

Fork the code, make a new branch, and send in a pull request.