Renders parametric surfaces in 3D

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  import glSurface3d from '';



3D parametric surface plotting, compatible with gl-vis.


var createScene       = require('gl-plot3d')
var createSurfacePlot = require('gl-surface3d')
var ndarray           = require('ndarray')
var fill              = require('ndarray-fill')
var diric             = require('dirichlet')

var scene = createScene()

//Create field
var field = ndarray(new Float32Array(512*512), [512,512])
fill(field, function(x,y) {
  return 128 * diric(10, 10.0*(x-256)/512) * diric(10, 10.0*(y-256)/512)

//Create surface plot
var surface = createSurfacePlot({
  field: field


Here is what this should look like:

Test it in your browser (requires WebGL)


npm install gl-surface3d

Basic Interface


var surface = require('gl-surface3d')(params)

Creates a surface plot object. params is an object with any of the following parameters

  • gl is a WebGL context
  • field a new 2D field encoded as an ndarray
  • coords is an array of 3 2D fields, each encoded as ndarrays (for parameteric surfaces)
  • intensity a 2D intensity field (defaults to field or `coords[2] is not present)
  • colormap the name of the new color map for the surface (see list of names in colormap docs)
  • intensityBounds sets the intensity range for the colormap
  • ticks is a pair of arrays of ticks representing the spacing of the points for the axes of the surface
  • showSurface if set, draw the surface
  • showContour if set, draw contour lines
  • contourWidth the width fo the contour lines
  • contourTint the amount of tint of the contour lines
  • contourColor the color of the contour line tint
  • levels an array of arrays representing the level of the isolines.
  • dynamicWidth the width of the dynamic isolines
  • dynamicColors the color of the dynamic isolines
  • dynamicTint the tint of the dynamic isolines
  • vertexColor interpolate color in fragment or vertex shader, useful for discontinuous functions (ref)



Modify the surface. params is an object with the same properties as the constructor


(c) 2014-2015 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License.