A CLI utility for testing Google Login.

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The simplest way to test Google Login.

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At Stormpath, I find myself debugging a lot of Google Login applications. Because of this, I frequently need to test out the Google Login flow in one way or another, usually by retrieving a unique Authorization Token.

This command line tool prompts you for the minimal required information in order to generate a URL that you can copy+paste into your browser to fully test the login flow, and generate a valid Authorization Token.


To install google-login-tester using npm, simply run:

$ npm install -g google-login-tester

In the root of your project directory.

NOTE: You might need to run the above command with sudo depending on how you installed node.


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Once you have google-login-tester installed, you can use it by simply running google-login-tester on the command line. It will prompt you for your Google Application's Client ID and Redirect URI, and will give you a URL you can copy+paste into your web browser to test out the Google Login flow.

$ google-login-tester

At the end of the login flow process, you'll have a valid Google Authorization Token you can use to test your code / project / whatever.


v1.0.2: 4-27-2015

- Adding shebang to script.

v1.0.1: 4-27-2015

- Fixing initial packaging issues.
- Fixing initial documentation issues.

v1.0.0: 4-27-2015

- First release!