Extracts binary GoPro Metadata Format from video files

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GPMF extract

Finds the metadata track in GoPro (Hero5 and later) video files (or any other camera that implements GPMF) and extracts it for later analysis and processing.

Accepts a File and returns a Promise that resolves to an object with a Buffer (rawData) and timing data (timing), useful for interpreting the data.

Once extracted, you can process the data with gopro-telemetry.


$ npm i gpmf-extract


const gpmfExtract = require('gpmf-extract');
gpmfExtract(file).then(res => {
  console.log('Length of data received:', res.rawData.length);
  console.log('Framerate of data received:', 1 / res.timing.frameDuration);
  // Do what you want with the data

You can specify some options in an object as a second argument:

  • browserMode: Default: false. Change behaviour to use in browser. This is optional for debugging reasons
  • useWorker: Default: true. In browser mode, use a web worker to avoid locking the browser. This is optional as it seems to crash on some recent browsers
  • progress: Pass a function to read the processed percentage updates
  • cancellationToken: An optional object, containing a cancelled property, that allows for cancelling the extraction process. Currently only supported in browser mode. If cancelled, the extraction process will fail with the error message "Canceled by user".
const gpmfExtract = require('gpmf-extract');
const progress = percent => console.log(`${percent}% processed`);
const cancellationToken = { cancelled: false };
gpmfExtract(file, { browserMode: true, progress, cancellationToken }).then(
  res => {
    if (!res) return; //cancelled
    // Do what you want with the data
// Some other processes
cancellationToken.cancelled = true;


This code was created for the GoPro Telemetry Extractor.

Here's a gallery with cool uses of the GoPro telemetry.

This project is possible thanks to the gpmf-parser documentation, open sourced by GoPro.

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Please make your changes to the dev branch, so that automated tests can be run before merging to master. Also, if possible, provide tests for new functionality.


  • Fix #46 Memory allocation with large files on certain browsers when using the web worker option
  • Unduplicate code from readBlock and readBlockWorker
  • Increase browser compatibility
  • Extract highlights