graphql-cli plugin for validating all queries in a Magento 2 PWA project

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Validate your project's GraphQL queries against a schema.


yarn add graphql-cli graphql-cli-validate-magento-pwa-queries


Given the following .graphqlconfig:

    "projects": {
        "myApp": {
            "schemaPath": "mySchema.json",
            "extensions": {
                "endpoints": {
                    "default": ""
                "validate-magento-pwa-queries": {
                    "clients": ["apollo", "literal"],
                    "filesGlob": "src/**/*.{js,graphql,gql}"

The command

graphql-cli get-schema --project myApp

will download the GraphQL schema from and store it in mySchema.json.

Then the command

graphql-cli validate-magento-pwa-queries --project myApp

will validate all apollo and literal GraphQL queries it finds in .js, .graphql, or .gql files in the src/ directory against that schema.


This plugin supports the following command line options:

Option Description Type Default
--project, -p The project name as specified in .graphqlconfig. string ""

You can also specifiy the following options in your .graphqlconfig:

Option Description Type
--clients, -c GraphQL clients in use in this project. array
--filesGlob, -f A glob used to target files for validation. string

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