A manual (interactive CLI) dns-based strategy for Greenlock / Let's Encrypt / ACME DNS-01 challenges

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acme-dns-01-cli | a Root project

An extremely simple reference implementation of an ACME (Let's Encrypt) dns-01 challenge strategy.

This generic implementation can be adapted to work with any node.js ACME client, although it was built for Greenlock and ACME.js.   TXT   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    TTL 60
  • Prints the ACME challenge DNS Host and DNS Key Authorization Digest to the terminal
    • (waits for you to hit enter before continuing)
  • Let's you know when the challenge as succeeded or failed, and is safe to remove.

Other ACME Challenge Reference Implementations:


npm install --save acme-dns-01-cli@3.x

If you have greenlock@v2.6 or lower, you'll need the old le-challenge-dns@2.x instead.


var Greenlock = require('greenlock');

, challenges: { 'http-01': require('acme-http-01-fs')
              , 'dns-01': require('acme-dns-01-cli').create({ debug: true })
              , 'tls-alpn-01': require('acme-tls-alpn-01-cli')

You can also switch between different implementations by overwriting the default with the one that you want in approveDomains():

function approveDomains(opts) {

  if (!opts.challenges) { opts.challenges = {}; }
  opts.challenges['dns-01'] = acmeDns01Cli;
  opts.challenges['http-01'] = ...

  return Promise.resolve({ ... });

NOTE: If you request a certificate with 6 domains listed, it will require 6 individual challenges.

Exposed (Promise) Methods

For ACME Challenge:

  • set(opts)
  • remove(opts)

The dns-01 strategy supports wildcards (whereas http-01 does not).

The options object has whatever options were set in approveDomains() as well as the challenge, which looks like this:

{ challenge: {
    identifier: { type: 'dns', value: ''
  , wildcard: true
  , altname: '*'
  , type: 'dns-01'
  , token: 'xxxxxx'
  , keyAuthorization: 'xxxxxx.abc123'
  , dnsHost: ''
  , dnsAuthorization: 'xyz567'
  , expires: '1970-01-01T00:00:00Z'

For greenlock.js internals:

  • options stores the internal defaults merged with the user-supplied options


  • get(limitedOpts)

Note: Typically there wouldn't be a get() for DNS because the NameServer (not Greenlock) answers the requests. It could be used for testing implementations, but that's about it. (though I suppose you could implement it if you happen to run your DNS and webserver together... kinda weird though)

If there were an implementation of Greenlock integrated directly into a NameServer (which currently there is not), it would probably look like this:

{ challenge: {
    type: 'dns-01'
  , identifier: { type: 'dns', value: '' }
  , token: 'abc123'
  , dnsHost: ''

Legal & Rules of the Road

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